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Express your Interest to Join as MEMBER:

1. The Expression of Interest is only informative and NOT Binding you or Us. This data is only used to understand the future requirements. It helps us in providing necessary Infrastructure like “Cycle Stores “throughout the City in every corner, to reach the nearest places to the Members and serve them better.

Optional *

Joining as Member and Payment is only Optional, It is NOT compulsory even after they Registered for “Expression of Interest”, as this data is helpful for us & only used for providing necessary Infrastructure throughout the City.

To Join as Member the following amounts has to be paid.

Membership fee -- Rs.5, 000/-

Recharge Amount -- Rs. 500/-

Total Rs.5, 500/-

(Total Rupees five thousand five hundred only)

Payment link will be activated after the "cycle stores" readily available near to your location.

2. FREE Rides for 10 Years *

"HOME" Store - Members can get cycle, FREE Ride & return at any Stores in the City - any number of times in a Day for 10 Years.

"OTHER" Store - Members can get cycle, PAYMENT Ride @ Rs.5/- per hour & return at any Stores in the City.

Mobile Store

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For example

In a Private School in AIR Bye Pass Road, Tirupati there are 500 students are studying and out of them 100 students are UNIVERSAL CYCLE CLUB MEMBERS.

Morning by 9.00 a.m. all the 100 Cycles reach the School. But the Cycle Stores near by the School may not be having Parking Facility. Hence, before 9.00 a.m. “MOBILE Stores” with required space (rake) for number of cycles reach that area and collect the Cycles from students.

These cycles will be shifted to Other needed Cycles Stores throughout the day, as the School Kids required their Cycles at 04.00 p.m. after school hours only.

MOBILE Store Image to understand the concept.

Rides Business network mobile cycle store


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Members -- Paid Amount Rs.5, 000/- (Membership for 10 Years) Not Transferable.

They will get Full benefits as per Norms including future “Dividends”


Who had contributed old Cycles. They get limited benefits. They will be charged Parking & Maintenance Charges.


We accept old Cycles for our Cycle Stores.

For example an old cycle cost Rs.700/- This Rs.700/- will be credited into Customer’s account and other deductions & FREE RIDES from “HOME STORES” will be charged normally.

As soon as the amount will become Zero, his Membership will be terminated.

Store Details

Stores available Timings & Period of availability for Rent From 05.00 AM to 07.00 PM No. of Hours per day – 14 Hrs

Store Keepers


Any Person / Shop / Apartment (with car Parking area available for rent) who has facilities and can provide parking for Cycles 10 or more (own or on Rental basis)


Minimum guaranteed Salary Rs.3,000/- per month + Stores Rent @Rs.500/- per month + Commission % on Rides Charges collected by Stores.

Working Partners

Members will pay Rs.5, 000/- (Cycle Price). Hence, the Investment expectation from Working Partners will be minimum, (say) for Initial Business Promotion Expenses, finding reliable Store keepers, local advertisement / canvassing to get Members, etc.

Revenue Rough Calculations – % Share Possible Income for Cycle Store Holders / Working Partners

Universal Cycle Club - school students are riding bicycles for their daily travelling routine.